Marine Life of Bocas del Toro

Here is a brief introduction to some of the most common species of coral, fishes, and invertebrates in our archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panamá. 

You can also find more information on specific species, ecology, and conservation within my blog, download my Coral ID guide, follow my marine organism ID guide VidaMarinaBocas on Instagram, or access educational materials and scientific papers from Bocas del Toro on the Educational Resources page. 




Staghorn coral

Coral asta de ciervo

Acropora cervicornis


1. Vase sponge (Ircinia campana) 5.jpg

Vase sponge

Esponja de vaso 

Ircinia campana



Four eye butterfly fish

Pez mariposa de cuatro ojos

Chaetodon capistratus

Sharks and Rays

long nose sting ray - Raya-látigo hocico

Long nose stingray

Raya-látigo hocicona

 Dasyatis guttata