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Skills and professional interests

Specialties: curriculum development, creating educational materials, scientific writing, producing material for online and social media platforms, field-based teaching, community engagement, research mentorship, program management, group facilitation, logistics for international group travel, marine mammal research, coral reef ecology, coastal ecology and conservation

Skills and interests: Skills


I have eight years of experience teaching marine sciences courses at the university level, as well as time spent working with K-12 students in both formal and informal settings.

In addition to teaching marine biology, oceanography, and ecology, I also teach English, dance, fitness classes, and standup paddle boarding (SUP) 

Educational resources

I enjoy creating educational materials and in 2020 I focused on creating materials in Spanish for the community of Bocas del Toro, some of which include a coral identification guide, infographics, a children’s coloring book, and social media posts.  

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Logistics and organization

I served as the Program Manager for several study abroad and travel programs and am highly skilled at organizing logistics and schedules as well as managing groups.

Research methods and
species identification

I am skilled in the use and teaching of marine habitat survey techniques as well as species identification of marine organisms found throughout the Caribbean and southeast US.  I also have experience conducting marine mammal research and am skilled in photo-identification.

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Personal Interests


I enjoy underwater photography as well as general nature and travel photography.  I am also a quick shot for surf photos or of dolphin dorsal fins for photo-ID.

Surf and sup

I love surfing my 9 foot longboard and am finally getting comfortable on a shortboard as well.  I have been paddling and surfing a SUP for almost a decade and have completed PaddleFit training to teach SUP technique.


Scuba and snorkel

Of course any self-respecting marine biologist has to love spending time underwater.  I enjoy exploring the ocean via both snorkeling and scuba diving, and am a PADI trained Divemaster. 


Fitness instructor / dance

In addition to teaching marine science, I also love teaching fitness classes!  I have been certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise since 2008 and have taught at a number of gyms as well on my own (which due to my jobs and travel has led me to teach in some unique locations!). 
I especially love teaching dance-based fitness and cardio kickboxing classes, as well as the occasional circuit training or yoga class.


Travel / culture

Mostly due to my work I have been fortunate enough to visit over 50 countries, with longer periods of time spent in Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, French Polynesia, and throughout the Caribbean.  I love traveling and the opportunity to learn about the culture and way of life in different areas of the world (and of course appreciate the beautiful scenery and delicious food).

Skills and interests: Interests
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